SUTOKEN (SUT) Snapshot and Swap Schedule etc.


This is Blockchain Project team, SUCON.

We have two announcements.

1. Back Up Wallet

SUWORLD Hyperchain is a system with a complete P2P blockchain infrastructure.

Therefore, if you lose your wallet or master key, you are solely responsible for it.

The renewal of the SUWORLD net scan site will be carried out as soon as possible, so please make sure to back up your wallet and keep it in a safe place as soon as possible.

Wallet Back up Method : Sign in on SUWORLD.NET — MY wallet — Click the Back Up button — Download the KEY store

SUCON, which developed South Korea’s public blockchain mainnet “SUWORLD,” announced on the 2nd, March that it has released a mobile application called “SUWallet,” a cryptocurrency wallet.

SUWallet is a decentralized P2P wallet service based on the SUWORLD Hyperchain mainnet, and has services such as wallet creation, freely storage, transfer, and management of SUCOIN(SUC) and Hypertoken (Hpt-3).

In addition, individual keys (private keys) or key stores can back up SUWORLD Mainnet-based wallets, allowing existing SUWORLD Mainnet Wallet holders to use their existing wallets without any new creation procedures. …

Social News (CEO Min Byung-kwan), which runs WikiTree, and SUCON (CEO Kim Sung-ho), who developed the public blockchain mainnet “SUWORLD”, signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU).

The MOU was held at the WikiTree building in Sangam-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul on 3rd March. Through MOU, the two companies plan to create a new media model using collective …

SUCON attended the Shinhan Square Bridge conference on behalf of the block chain technology company.

Conference of Shinhan was the first on-offline forum to discover startups with promising future technologies and link continuous and close partnerships and communities with large global venture investment firms.

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, only 10 startups were selected to participate in the conference. SUCON was selected as a technology startup for the fourth industry.

Kim Sung-ho, CEO of SUCON, said, “Our company’s focus on technology, innovation, and real block chain business models, which is differentiated from the existing exchange and the block chain companies…

South Korean block chain technology company SUCON announced on the 24th that it has signed a business agreement with Big-Data MarketPlace BDB Platform for new businesses based on block-chain and joint research & development.

With this partnership, BDB Platform will be able to combine know-how in utilizing big data with SUCON’s SUWORLD hyper-chain main network and introduce optimized solutions and infrastructure services for big data market place businesses to the market.

BDB Platform is a project that provides FinTech such as simple payment and remittance of virtual assets and Dapp contents such as De-Fi, distribution, games, shopping, and travel through…

[NOTICE] SUWORLD Digital Asset Swap for Testnet to Mainnet Ended

This is Global Blockchain Project team, SUCON.

The swap of testnet digital assets to the mainnet was terminated at Sep 15, 2020 18:00 (KST) following the launch of SUWORLD Mainnet 1.0.

In addition, all of the requested swaps have been reflected and completed with the mainnet address written at the time of application, so please check it on the SUWORLD Mainnet(

We will continue to renew our platform and try to keep you informed of good news.

Thank you all for your cooperation.

Thank you.

글로벌 블록체인 프로젝트 팀 슈콘입니다.

슈월드 메인넷 1.0 출시에 따른 테스트넷…

SUCON, which developed South Korea’s public Blockchain Mainnet called ‘SUWORLD’, will begin full-fledged activities to expand its ecosystem. Starting from September 1, the company started to attract Dapps to Korean and foreign Blockchain companies that want to adopt Blockchain technology.

Currently, the number of projects currently in operation by …

SUCON signed a MOU with H&B Development, which operates the blockchain financial platform ‘J-BIT’, to expand the blockchain business.

The two companies agreed on technical support and business expansion in the decentralized financial service DeFi area, business convergence through linkage agreements with each partner, linkage with SUWORLD mainnet, …

On the 19th Aug., SUCON held its first online video conference with North Block Capital, a British investment company specializing in blockchain, for a strategic business partnership.

NorthBlock is a company whose main tasks are crypto-funding, equity investment, marketing support and financial accounting support to about 50 block chain companies since 2016.

“After reviewing SUWORLD Mainnet developed by SUCON, we have both future investment value and technological scalability, so we proposed a meeting to help promote and attract investment from Mainnet in Europe,” said Shimon Wassenberg, CEO of North Block.

[뉴스웍스=문병도 기자] 슈콘이 영국의 블록체인 전문 투자사 노스블록캐피탈과 지난 19일…

Hello, We’re SUCON from the Global blockchain team.
We notify you of the schedule and procedure of the 3rd (final) swap following the 1st and 2nd (extension) swap of the SUWORLD Mainnet 1.0 opening.

Existing SUCOIN holders should proceed with the procedure below.

<Detailed SWAP method>

1.Access to the SUWORLD platform ☞ 2. New member registration ☞ Sign In — Sign Up * Existing test net members must sign up for access. 3. Issue of main wallet ☞ Account — My Wallet 4. main address copy ☞ Account — My Wallet — Address Copy 5. Accessing the TestNet App(SUWORLD…


SUWORLD Revolution of blockchain main-net.

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